Shiro’s son, Alex Idomoto, proudly took over the operations in 2007
and still manages the restaurant today in their new downtown Hilo, Hawaii location.

Ocean Sushi offers high quality food at affordable prices in a 

family-oriented atmosphere. 

Shiro Idomoto opened Ocean Sushi in Hilo, Hawaii in 1998. What started with humble beginnings with the restaurant only serving sushi, has grown with popularity and a ever-growing menu.

 With over 18 years of experience, Alex displays incredible traditional technique, combined with a young creative twist on many Japanese favorites. 

Born and raised in Hawaii, Alex’s flair for balancing Hawaii’s wide variety of cultural foods can be seen in his tastefully constructed menu.

 Today, they offer local favorites like hamburger steak and chicken katsu. Staying true to it's roots, they also serve their well-known and loved Japanese dishes such as tempura, ramen, and donburri.

Shiro and Alex have always believed in family values, and this is reflected in their dishes served. Alex enjoys carrying on his family restaurant and traditions of the past.

Voted Best Sushi for over 10 Years in a Row!

For over 10 years in a row now, The Hawaii Tribune-Herald has proudly named Ocean Sushi, the Best Sushi Restaurant in their Best of East Hawaii Awards. 

Mahalo for Voting for Ocean Sushi Throughout the Years!